Services What We Do

Rates vary according to requirements for km travelled, hourly rate and project rates. Contact us for your specific requirement and quotation.

Our aim is to help you legally pay the least possible amount for your electricity usage.

  • Highly sophisticated power analyses equipment is used to verify the power consumption, this information is then used to negotiate with the power authority to correct the electricity load accordingly or, (in the case of the supplier doing the audit) to correct the metering system so as to receive the correct revenue
  • We advise the correct power factor compensation in order to save the optimal amount of electrical demand
  • We also advise regarding peak demand management strategy and equipment
  • We help explain unexplained trips, dips and flicker
  • We determine if the system is unbalanced (positive and negative zero phase sequence)

We have the ability to design 1,000 to 33,000v power lines, procure materials and act as the responsible person for the power systems according to the OSH ACT.

We design the electrical installation of houses, offices and factories and perform compliance certification according to SABS 10142.

Electrical infrastructure 50 to 132,000v project management and work supervision.

We design and install solar systems that save electricity and non-renewable resources.

  • Installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and submersible borehole pumps with positive displacement up to 150m water head
  • Supply and install 220v inverters (power supplies ) for off electricity grid houses
  • Build and install Scale resistant water heating systems

We perform High Voltage equipment protection regarding the installation and wire protection of cable and looms in new substations.